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Introducing a new puppy into your family is always an exciting time.
Puppies are adorable, loving bundles of energy and joy.

You Want Your New Puppy To

Come when called

instead of running away

Chew dog toys

instead of your belongings

Play nice with others

instead of being too rough

Be confident and brave

instead of anxious and afraid

Stay in your yard

instead of digging to escape

Listen and behave

instead of ignoring you

How you want your dream dog to behave

Go potty outdoors

instead of on your floors

Walk calmly by your side

instead of pulling you

Bark if there's a problem

instead of barking all the time

Wait patiently for attention

instead of whining or howling

Greet people calmly

instead of jumping on them

Be happy and well-adjusted

instead of unruly

The skills your puppy learned with its rowdy litter mates may not be appropriate in your home.

Learn How To Train A Dream Dog

Let's Teach Your Puppy How To Thrive In Your Family

A Well-Trained Puppy Makes A Happier Owner

Your puppy is like a sponge and most impressionable in the first 6 months of life. The earlier you start training your puppy, the easier it will be to quickly teach positive behaviors and skills you want your puppy to have for the rest of its life!

Puppies need some guidance to adapt well to living with humans. Proper training helps to direct a puppy's energy into positive behaviors that strengthen your relationship and reduce stress for you and your puppy.

Puppy training makes happier puppies and their owners

Training Makes Your Puppy Happier Too

Living with a new family can be very confusing... especially if you're in trouble all the time!

Proper training helps your new puppy understand and meet your expectations. It rewards and reinforces their good behavior and builds your puppy's confidence.

Reinforcing your puppy's good behavior also builds your relationship because you become the source of praise and comfort. And, let's face it... we all like rewards and praise!

Puppy trainers help you achieve better results with puppy training

Working With A Trainer Makes Puppy Training Easier

Your puppy's brain works differently than a human's brain. So the way we train a puppy is slightly different than the way we teach our children. And it's important to teach skills that are appropriate for our puppy's stage of development.

Puppies learn best when they have consistent rules. But being consistent can be difficult... especially when you have a sweet, adorable, puppy staring you down. It's almost as if that puppy knows how to use their cuteness to get their way because... "Who can resist a face like that?" Am I right?

Well-planned, effective lessons make it easy to be consistent, work on skills your puppy is capable of doing, and teach the positive behaviors that will help your puppy grow into a well-mannered member of your family.

The Right Training At The Right Time Prevents Problems

Puppies learn incredibly fast and have lots of energy, so it doesn't take long for them to find interesting things to explore. And before you know it, that sweet, inquisitive nature can land your puppy in big trouble!

Why wait until there's a problem and you're frustrated and annoyed?

Naughty behaviors can be prevented! Let us show you how.

A Professional Trainer Can Help You:

  • Avoid common mistakes most puppy parents make
  • Set appropriate boundaries so your puppy learns good manners
  • Teach the right skills at the right time so your puppy doesn't get frustrated
Puppy training helps you prevent problem behaviors
  • Use the most effective techniques so your puppy learns quickly
  • Make training fun for your puppy and you!

We offer ON-DEMAND Puppy Training

that works for your busy schedule

See what puppy parents are saying about our on-demand puppy training program

Proven, rewards-based training with an experienced professional trainer that focuses on:

1.  Enrichment & Relationship Building

2.  Consistent Rules & Training

3.  Knowing When & How To Reward

4.  Providing A Safe Environment

5.  Communication: Understanding Your Dog's Cues, Signs & Signals


What Our Puppy Parents Are Saying

Testimonial photo for Natalie V

I love this online learning. I can watch it as many times I need to at any hour of the day. I also have the opportunity to go back to the beginning to review things.

This has been an awesome experience I would recommend this program to anyone who really wants to learn how to turn learning into a fun bonding experience instead of being frustrated and defeated.

Natalie V.
Testimonial photo for Donna H

Michele is a wonderful trainer. She is thoughtful and precise and she conveys all of that to pets and their owners alike. She explained the logic behind much of the training which helps me be a better trainer.

If a pet owner understands the workings of the "dog mind", the dog will perform better. What seemed so "mysterious" or complicated, was simplified by Michele.

Donna H.