Hi, I'm Michele Lennon.

Certified Dog Trainer & Proud Mom of 3 Dream Dogs

Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Michele Lennon

What's A "Dream Dog?"

I'm so glad you asked! A dream dog is a lifelong companion and guardian that has impeccable manners, shows respect, comes when called, walks calmly by your side, and alerts (barks) only when something needs your attention.

A dream dog is calm, playful, confident, loving, well cared for, social… and fun to be around.

Sounds great, right?

I believe in starting puppy training the minute you pick up your new pup -- whether from the pound, a rescue, a breeder, or a pet store -- because in almost 20 years as a professional dog trainer I've found this is the best way to ensure that your adorable puppy doesn't become a little terror.

If you're already feeling frustrated by your puppy's naughty behavior, don't get discouraged. I can help you fast track your puppy's training with professional tips, tricks, and techniques I've used to help hundreds of puppy parents just like you.

I've Been In Your (Probably Chewed) Shoes!

As a dog owner myself, I have been in your shoes as both a new puppy owner and a frustrated dog owner!

Michele Lennon with her dream dogs

Many years ago I had the naughtiest, but most lovable chocolate Lab named Bear. He was a handful, a challenge, and made me want to rip my hair out. He ate curtains, couches, and the carpet right out of the middle of my room. He refused to eat the edges where I might have been able to hide the damage when company came over! He jumped on people, barked for attention, and stole food off the counter.

He was a hot mess, a wild child, a dog I wanted to send back to the breeder daily, but I didn't give up on him. I couldn't. I loved him!

What Did I Do Instead?

michele teaching dog to sit and stay

I learned how to train him, guide him, and show him how to stop being a naughty puppy and start being a good dog. I fell in love with training him.

We had so much fun learning together that it didn't seem like work - for either one of us. We began understanding one another and learned to communicate better with one another. Little did I know that I'd inadvertently stumbled upon my career while training Bear to be my Dream Dog.

It took some time for me to understand that the secret to successful dog training wasn't trying to find the "right" tool or picking the "smartest" or "best" breed, or even how much love you have in your heart for your dog.

The secret to successful dog training is communicating in a way that your puppy's brain understands!

And now, I've made it my mission to help as many puppy parents as I can to learn this valuable skill so they can raise their own dream dogs too.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Hey, I get it, you're wondering who I am and what I can do to help you with your puppy, right?

I'm a certified dog trainer with close to twenty years of experience providing puppy training and guidance to dog owners in group classes and private lessons.

I have helped puppy parents who were brand-new novice owners all the way to dog handlers with decades of experience owning multiple dogs who just needed fine-tuning with their training.

Why I Offer Online Training.

Besides getting private lessons at a fraction of the cost, it's convenient for clients!

On-demand puppy training puts YOU in control.

Train your puppy from the comfort of your home in a distraction-free environment so you and your puppy can focus and get results fast.

Access puppy classes anytime (day or night), whenever it fits your schedule.

Learn on the go! Puppy training can be accessed on any Internet-capable device… even on your Smartphone!

Watch as often as you’d like. With unlimited access you’ll never have to feel like you missed something important or can’t remember what was taught. You can simply re-watch the demonstration for each cue, command, and behavior you want to teach your puppy.

Imagine Having Your Own "Dream Dog!"

adorable havanese puppy

If I had to put a paw on it, I'll bet you dream of having a puppy who hangs on every word you say, one who follows your cues with ease rather than tuning you out or jumping all over you and your guests.

I’ll bet you want a puppy who walks nicely on a leash, doesn’t drag you down the street, doesn’t lunge at people passing by and who doesn’t bark at everyone he or she encounters. I'm also guessing you'd love it if your puppy went outside to go potty instead of on the floor in your house.

You would probably love to have a puppy who comes to you when you call them. I'll bet you don't want to have to chase after your runaway puppy when he or she gets loose. I don't blame you! Chasing a runaway puppy is scary for you and potentially dangerous for your puppy. That's why one of the first lessons I help clients teach their puppies is to "come" when called.

Do you dread having guests come over because your puppy will jump all over them?  Well not anymore with my puppy training course! Graduates of my puppy classes have well-mannered, polite, furry companions they're proud of and happy to have guests meet!

Wondering How You Can Have A Dream Dog Of Your Own?

You have to learn how to "speak dog."

When you learn the secret language you'll be able to ask your dog for anything, anytime anywhere, and guess what? They will listen and immediately respond.

30 Days To Puppy Perfection Can Help You Transform Your Puppy Into A Dream Dog.

30 Days To Puppy Perfection is my signature on-demand course that teaches puppy owners, like you, how to "speak dog."

30 Days To Puppy Perfection:

Allows you to train from home and not in a noisy, stressful group class at big box stores

Teaches you everything from potty training to learning how to get your dog to come running when called (and all kinds of good Dream Dog behavior, in between)

Covers common training cues like sit, down and stay and more important topics like exercise and enrichment for your furry friend

Helps you get the results you’re hoping for more quickly than going to weekly group classes or one-on-one sessions with a private trainer

Lets you learn in the comfort of your own home, but more importantly lets you work with your dog when you are both at your peak times for learning, not at a pre-set group class time

Educates you on the #1 skill, you must have and do effectively, in order to train your dog to become a great partner (Communication)

Provides in-depth videos, presentations, worksheets, charts, and checklists to keep you on track and train your canine companion to be a Dream Dog

Shares all the insight you’ll need to raise, train, and guide a social, well-behaved, responsive dog you can call your Dream Dog!