You have a puppy so the topic of poop is sure to come up from time to time. There are hilarious memes all over social media about dog owners towering over a poo pile analyzing the color and consistency. It’s true you can tell a lot about the health of a dog by the color, texture, and firmness of their stool. Who would have thought that you’d become a poop inspector?

What you’ll also discover is that some puppies just can’t get enough of the stinky stuff. While their owners are flipping out over the grotesque and horrendous habit of stealing a turd or two, the puppy seems almost in their glory as they gulp the terrible choice of feces for an afternoon snack.

Why do dogs eat poop and what can you do to stop it?

The fancy name for “poop eating” is Coprophagia. There are a many possibilities as to why your dog prefers poop. Sometimes a condition occurs that leads to a decreased absorption of good nutrients in the body leaving the dog feeling as if they are missing something from their diet…hence a stinky snack is in order, so they think. Many times poop eating stems from boredom as well an unkept or unsanitary potty area. Incorrect training can also lead to this naughty habit so never take your pup back over to the accident and push their nose in it!

Here are some ways to remedy this awful habit!

  1. Make sure they have been seen by a Vet to rule out any medical reasons, once you’ve established all is well with their health then we can look at the behavioral side of things.
  2. Provide a good quality food filled with the right nutrients and a good source of protien (check a dog food advisor site to see which ones are the best! (3.5 stars and above is advised)
  3. Make sure you take your pup out on a leash and the potty area is cleaned immediately after they defecate, don’t leave anything behind to tempt them.
  4. You can use over the counter products to stop Coprophagia, these can be found at any pet supply store.
  5. Many people swear by the pineapple solution; add crushed pineapple to their food to help their poop taste less than desirable.
  6. Training your dog using the “leave it” command is also ideal!

Each dog is different so it may take time to find the right solution for your dog. As long as there aren’t any medical concerns the best fix is to teach your dog not to go near it and of course clean it up ASAP!

Maybe your pup is still having accidents in the house? If so. check out this blog: Quick Tips to Potty Train Your Puppy Fast! Also, don't forget to sign up for the free potty training lesson by clicking the link below!

What solutions have you tried to stop your dog from eating poop, and had great success with?


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