10 Surprisingly Effective Puppy Biting Tips Featured Image

10 Surprisingly Effective Puppy Biting Tips for New Owners

Ok, you’re probably desperate for some help with that puppy biting. Most new puppy owners find this phase the most challenging of all. I get it, and I’m here to help! Let’s start right away with one tip on what NOT to do. Don’t speak! Yes, really! Do NOT do what humans naturally want to…

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anxious puppy left home alone

8 Pro Tips to Prevent Puppy Separation Anxiety

Puppy separation anxiety happens when a puppy becomes stressed out about being left alone and the symptoms can actually begin before you leave the house. You might notice that your dog starts to pant, pace, whine, bark, or shake as you’re preparing to leave. Or you might come home to find that your adorable little…

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Leash Training a Puppy to Walk Without Pulling

Epic Tips for Leash Training a Puppy to Walk Without Pulling

Is leash training a puppy turning out to be more challenging than you expected? All that pulling on the leash, cutting in front of you while walking, stopping, and refusing to move… can drive you crazy! And it can be frustrating for your puppy, too, because puppies aren’t born knowing that they should walk nicely…

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No Pulling Puppy! Tools To Walk With Ease!

Puppies are natural born explorers! They love walking, sniffing, and checking out almost everything they encounter. Sometimes their nose gets the best of them, and they catch a scent of something that makes them want to explore things further…this leads to pulling if your pup is on a leash. There are many tools that are…

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6 pro tips to stop excited puppy pee fast

6 Best Pro Tips to Prevent Excited Puppy Pee

Excited Puppy Pee… It Happens! Does your puppy ever get so excited that they pee on your shoes or all over the floor? Isn’t that so cute? Not really!   Peeing while excited is fairly common among puppies and even some adult dogs. If you do not curb excited peeing with your puppy, the behavior…

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puppy jumping on children can be dangerous

6 Easy Ways to Stop Your Puppy From Jumping on People

Puppy jumping can seem so cute when your puppy is small. Who doesn’t love feeling that there’s someone in this world who is super excited to see them? Puppies are small, curious, and excited to learn about EVERYTHING! So they often jump up to get a better look at things that are out of reach.…

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1 Fun and Easy Solution to Puppy Chewing You Will LOVE!

Help! My puppy is chewing on EVERYTHING! “Don’t chew on that!” “What do you have?!” “Mom, the dog destroyed my new backpack!” Brand new puppy owners know the frustrations of living with a canine land shark. Things get destroyed, hands and feet are scratched and we often wonder if the pup ingested something that could…

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mistakes to avoid when raising a puppy - part 2

10 Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid When Raising A Puppy (Part 2)

Now that you have your new puppy you’ll want to make sure you’re teaching the right skills first. The ones you teach first will be the strongest, so choose carefully! This is the time to set up good training habits and routines. The more consistent you are, the faster your puppy will learn! It’s easy…

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mistakes to avoid when raising a puppy - part 1

10 Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid When Raising A Puppy (Part 1)

Congrats on your new puppy! I am sure you are very excited to have a companion that will love you unconditionally. And I bet you have lots of questions about raising a puppy to have good manners. Will your puppy always do everything you want? Nope! Dogs are sentient beings – they have their own…

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  You have a puppy so the topic of poop is sure to come up from time to time. There are hilarious memes all over social media about dog owners towering over a poo pile analyzing the color and consistency. It’s true you can tell a lot about the health of a dog by the…

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