online puppy training - the best way to train a puppy at home

Online Puppy Training: The Best Way to Train A Puppy at Home

After getting a new puppy, you may be wondering when you should start training your puppy and where to begin when you do because we all want a dog with good behavior. A common mistake new puppy owners make is postponing obedience training until they start seeing behaviors they want to fix. But take it…

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10 Tips to Keep Your Puppy Safe

You absolutely adore your puppy, even if they drive you batty every once in a while when they have an accident or chew on something they shouldn’t. Hey nobody’s perfect. You want only the very best for your canine companion, and this means you’ll want to keep them as safe as possible, am I right?…

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10 Tips to Be the Best Puppy Owner

Who doesn’t love a cute cuddly puppy?   They sure can bring joy to our lives! It’s great coming home to a wagging tail, a sloppy kiss, and unconditional love, am I right? Your pup loves you no matter what you smell like, what you do or if you decide to stay in your pj’s…

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mistakes to avoid when raising a puppy - part 2

10 Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid When Raising A Puppy (Part 2)

Now that you have your new puppy you’ll want to make sure you’re teaching the right skills first. The ones you teach first will be the strongest, so choose carefully! This is the time to set up good training habits and routines. The more consistent you are, the faster your puppy will learn! It’s easy…

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mistakes to avoid when raising a puppy - part 1

10 Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid When Raising A Puppy (Part 1)

Congrats on your new puppy! I am sure you are very excited to have a companion that will love you unconditionally. And I bet you have lots of questions about raising a puppy to have good manners. Will your puppy always do everything you want? Nope! Dogs are sentient beings – they have their own…

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Puppy Training 101 - 3 First Things to Teach Your Puppy

3 Essential Things to Teach Your Puppy First

First-Time Puppy Owners Often Wonder Where to Start When Training A Puppy   If you’ve recently brought a brand new puppy home, you may be wondering, “Now what?”! Well first, throw a little party for yourself! You have just embarked on an incredible adventure with your new fur-friend. You’re going to have some great times…

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new puppy owner tips

First Time Puppy Owner: Start Off On the Right Paw

Updated on November 15, 2020 What First Time Puppy Owners Need To Know Very often, by the time a first time puppy owner calls me for help they’re super frustrated and don’t even realize that they’ve already created some really bad habits with their pup(s).  Luckily, most of these habits can be easily avoided if…

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