How to introduce a new puppy to your cat

How To Introduce A Puppy To A Cat: 10 Tips For A Positive Experience

It’s time to bring a new puppy into the family, and everyone seems so excited! But what about your cat? Do you know how to introduce a puppy to a cat, so it’s a positive experience for everyone involved? Cats can sometimes be wonderfully aloof and unperturbed about much. So, of course, you would imagine…

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5 Puppy Feeding Tips to Ensure Your Puppy Is Eating Right

Puppy Feeding: 5 Easy Ways to Ensure Your Puppy Is Eating Right

Am I Feeding My Puppy Enough?   “I don’t want my puppy to starve! This just doesn’t look like enough food!” “My other dog doesn’t eat like this – what’s wrong with my puppy?”   New puppy owners have so many questions and concerns about puppy feeding. Potty training, crate training, introducing the puppy to…

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how to bond with your new puppy

10 Fun and Effective Ways to Bond With Your New Puppy

How to Bond with Your New Puppy Let’s start at the beginning of when and how you create a loving, lasting bond with this new member of the family. Whether you are bringing home a puppy or rescue dog, these ten tips will give you a pathway to a solid relationship based on trust and…

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Puppy proofing your apartment in 7 easy steps

Essential Guide to Puppy Proofing Your Apartment: Protect Your New Pup

How is puppy proofing your apartment different from puppy proofing a house? Puppies arrive mobile and curious. And their first INSTINCT is to put things in their mouth. So it’s in your best interest to puppy-proof your home. Apartment or condo living poses different challenges to puppy owners. While much of the puppy proofing advice…

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How to Puppy Proof Your House: Protect Your New Puppy AND Your Home

It’s important to understand how to puppy proof your house so you can minimize hazards for your puppy and protect your belongings from a curious, and sometimes destructive, little pup. Are you ready for a new puppy? The real question is: Is your HOME ready for a new puppy? Most 8-week-old puppies seem like a…

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Care and Training Tips When Bringing Home A New Puppy

Bringing Home A New Puppy – Care and Training Tips

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting new journey! Puppies are cute, cuddly, and playful creatures who love to play. They also require lots of attention and care from their owners. If you want to have a happy, well-adjusted dog, then you’ll need to prepare her for her new life ahead. And it’s important…

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