teaching puppy perfect recall skills

How To Get Your Dog To Come When Called, Every Time!

Isn’t it frustrating when you repeatedly call your dog to come when called, and they seem to tune you out? Have you found yourself in a scary situation where your dog gets loose, and you end up chasing them around, looking like a crazy person, while your dog is having the time of their life…

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10 ways to improve puppy's social skills

10 Ways to Work on Your Pups Socialization Skills

So•cial•i•za•tion: Noun: Having fun with your dog exploring the world in a positive way! Take your dog to see, hear and smell new people and places to improve their puppy socialization skills. Let them explore by climbing in, on and around different things like fallen trees and playground equipment. Take your dog to meet and…

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Your Dog Is Not A Human

Do you treat your dog like a little human? I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out that the barking furry friend running around your house with four legs and a tail is indeed a dog and not a human. Many people know this, yet they still treat their dog like a human. People dress their dogs…

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Indoor Exercise Activities for Your Dog Part 3

Does your dog’s fuel gauge always ready FULL? Where does your dog store all that pent-up energy? Have you ever checked to see if their fuel gauge is ever empty, and who keeps refilling it when you’re not looking? Over the years I’ve had countless students tell me that they’ve lost valuable items due to…

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indoor exercises for your dog - part 2

Indoor Exercise Activities For Your Dog Part 2

Dog’s that don’t get enough exercise become destructive! So you need indoor exercise activities to keep them busy. Does your dog tend to have the “zoomies” on a regular basis, and your furniture or shoes end up as your dog’s favorite chew toy? Then it’s time to get your dog tired out! Dogs that don’t…

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indoor exercises for your dog - part 1

Indoor Exercise Activities For Your Dog Part 1

Is it too cold or too warm for your dog to be outside? Then check out these indoor exercise activities. As I sit to write this the outdoor thermometer reads -2 degrees. No, that wasn’t a typo. It’s frigidly cold right now, so most people put outdoor activities with their dog on the back burner…

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Successfully Train Your Dog: #1 “Must Have” Tip

Do you know what frustrates dog owners more than anything? The most common response I get from my students is “my dog doesn’t listen to me.” So read and and learn the top tip to successfully train your dog. The reason your dog doesn’t listen to you has to do with how you ask your…

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