Puppy Training 101 - Top 20 Things to Expect in Puppy's First Year

Puppy Training 101: Top 20 Things to Expect in Puppy’s First Year

If you’re a first-time puppy owner… or it’s been a while since a new puppy was welcomed into your home… you’re probably wondering what to expect in your puppy’s first year! As you’ll see in Puppy Training 101, there is a lot of change that happens during a puppy’s first year. Puppy’s first year includes…

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What To Teach An 8-Week-Old Puppy

6 Essential Things to Teach An 8-Week-Old-Puppy

Knowing what to teach an 8-week-old puppy can make puppy’s transition into your family smoother, especially during the first few weeks. But puppies have so much to learn that you may not know where to start! So I’m going to share six key things you should teach your 8-week-old puppy. If your puppy is a…

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5 puppy crate training tips from an expert

Top 5 Pro Tips for Puppy Crate Training Success

What’s all the buzz about puppy crate training? Seems like a lot of work, right? Is it really all it’s cracked up to be?  Maybe you’re wondering why that little creature can’t just sleep in bed with you.  She can!  But… not yet! Many new puppy owners make the mistake of avoiding the use of…

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online puppy training - the best way to train a puppy at home

Online Puppy Training: The Best Way to Train A Puppy at Home

After getting a new puppy, you may be wondering when you should start training your puppy and where to begin when you do because we all want a dog with good behavior. A common mistake new puppy owners make is postponing obedience training until they start seeing behaviors they want to fix. But take it…

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Leash Training a Puppy to Walk Without Pulling

Epic Tips for Leash Training a Puppy to Walk Without Pulling

Is leash training a puppy turning out to be more challenging than you expected? All that pulling on the leash, cutting in front of you while walking, stopping and refusing to move… can drive you crazy! And it can be frustrating for your puppy too because puppies aren’t born knowing that they should walk nicely…

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No Pulling Puppy! Tools To Walk With Ease!

Puppies are natural born explorers! They love walking, sniffing, and checking out almost everything they encounter. Sometimes their nose gets the best of them, and they catch a scent of something that makes them want to explore things further…this leads to pulling if your pup is on a leash. There are many tools that are…

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6 pro tips to stop excited puppy pee fast

6 Best Pro Tips to Prevent Excited Puppy Pee

Excited Puppy Pee… It Happens! Does your puppy ever get so excited that they pee on your shoes or all over the floor? Isn’t that so cute? Not really!   Peeing while excited is fairly common among puppies and even some adult dogs. If you do not curb excited peeing with your puppy, the behavior…

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Quick Tips to Potty Train Your Puppy Fast

Does the idea of cleaning up another puppy piddle make you want to pull your hair out? Why can’t your pup understand that going to the bathroom outside makes you happy and going inside dives you insane? Nobody wants their house to smell like a urinal. So potty training is a vital first step when…

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Puppy Training 101 - 3 First Things to Teach Your Puppy

Puppy Training 101: 3 Essential Things to Teach Your Puppy First

First-Time Puppy Owners Often Wonder Where to Start When Training A Puppy   If you’ve recently brought a brand new puppy home, you may be wondering, “Now what?”! Well first, throw a little party for yourself! You have just embarked on an incredible adventure with your new fur-friend. You’re going to have some great times…

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