Essential pet supplies for a happy, healthy, well-adjusted puppy

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Miscellaneous Supplies

Cozy Covered Dog Bed

A covered dog bed is a must-have for pets that like to hide or burrow. This cozy bed is made of upholstery-grade pet-safe materials and features a water and dirt-resistant bottom to prevent accidental messes, a cozy faux fur lining, and an attached blanket your pup can burrow under for comfort or extra warmth when the weather is chilly. Cleaning it couldn’t be easier! Just toss the entire bed into the washing machine and dryer.

Foldable Dog Ramp

This dog ramp is the perfect solution for puppies and older dogs with joint or aging problems who need help climbing into your car or truck or navigating porch steps. Made of durable plastic with a non-slip tread on top and rubber grips on the bottom, this ramp is secure, lightweight, and strong enough to support up to 200 pounds. Its foldable design with convenient carrying handle make moving and storing the dog ramp fast and easy.

Foldable Dog Stairs

Give your pup a boost with covered foam dog stairs. Perfect for puppies and older dogs with joint or aging problems. These dog steps are made with ease of use in mind: constructed of mattress-grade foam to be lightweight yet sturdy enough to support your pet, covered in removable ultra-soft fleece fabric to compliment your decor, anti-slip bottom for safety and stability, machine washable cover makes cleaning a breeze, foldable for easy portability and storage when not in use.

Feliway Calming Diffuser for Cats

Vet Recommended and #1 selling drug-free calming solution for cats. The diffuser emits pheromones normally produced by cats that promote a sense of calmness when your cat is showing signs of stress like scratching, urine spraying, peeing, hiding, and general fearfulness. Safe for cats of all ages when used as recommended. Does not affect dogs or people.

Wyze Cam Pet Camera

The Wyze Cam Pan V2 is a smart way to keep an eye on your puppy whenever you’re away from home. This pet camera is loaded with features, including color night vision so you can see clearly even in the dark, pan/tilt/zoom so you can see the whole room fast, automatic motion tracking, 2-way audio, smoke/carbon monoxide detection, 24/7 recording, and instant alerts. Easily control the camera and interact with your pup using the Wyze app on your smartphone.

Yogasleep Calming White Noise Machine

Help calm an unsettled puppy with the Yogasleep adjustable white noise machine. It replicates the sound of blowing air, producing a calming, ambient background noise that soothes and promotes sounder sleep. Easily adjust the tone and volume by switching the speed to low or high and spinning the cap and collar until you have achieved the perfect sound. The white noise machine is also a great way to provide relief in stressful situations like thunderstorms, fireworks, grooming, traveling, or when puppy must be at home alone.