Is your puppy a little RUFF around the edges?

Transform them into the “ultimutt” well-behaved companion!

Is your puppy a little RUFF around the edges?

Transform them into the “ultimutt” well-behaved companion!

It’s hard to believe you brought that adorable little puppy home just a few short weeks ago and now you’re wondering if you made a huge mistake.

Because it’s been weeks since you’ve had a full night’s sleep. And patience can wear a little thin if you’ve been doing round the clock puppy feedings, potty breaks, cleaning up accidents, and listening to whining and howling?

Maybe that puppy is getting into everything… biting and chewing, jumping up and scratching. Is he disturbing your peace by barking and whining when you just want to relax with a good book? Or when you try to take a walk, he just lays down or runs away instead of coming when you call

To add to the frustration, you’ve probably also received conflicting advice from well-meaning friends, family and “experts” you’ve watched on YouTube. They promised you a quick fix, but that’s not happening the way they said it would!

This definitely ISN’T what you pictured when you imagined owning a puppy. I know you may be feeling a bit discouraged right now, but...

I have good news for you!

You can learn how to build a relationship with your puppy where they hang on every word you say, want to do all the things you ask, and be the perfect little pup you dream of…

Keep reading to find out how!!

Maybe you and your puppy are already off to a great start!

And you want to make sure you maintain that progress. This is the right place for you too!

Let me show you how to build a rock solid relationship with your puppy that will last forever!

I promise you, your puppy really DOES want to please you! They just don’t understand what you want them to do yet!

How would life with your puppy be different if you could:

01 head turn-01

Get them to tune in faster

13 dog come running-01

Teach them to follow commands the first time you ask...
even come running to you no matter what distractions are tempting them!

puppy enjoying a walk on a leash

Enjoy their company 1,000 times more than you do right now
(yes, it's really possible!)

I hear you...

You really want a better behaved puppy that has more control over excitable behavior,
can tune in and pay attention to you better, all while remaining more calm around the house or out in public.

You want a bond so strong with your dog that not even filet mignon or a squirrel could persuade them to leave you!

(Those are some very tempting things in doggie language!)

This program will help you do all that and more!

Teach any puppy, no matter what breed, to learn and respond to you faster
by playing our signature positive-approach training games!

30 Days to Puppy Perfection is for you if…

You're experiencing unwanted behaviors from your puppy like:
  • Biting
  • Chewing
  • Barking
  • Jumping
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Accidents in the house
  • Not coming when called
  • Not dropping something they have in their mouth
  • Not listening or following commands
  • Overly excited when meeting people or guests

These can be frustrating, am I right? Let's fix those once and for all!

You're struggling to truly connect but really want a better relationship with your puppy where they hang on every word you say….

The training games covered in this program make puppy training much more fun. More fun together leads to a better bond.

A better bond leads to a dog that wants to work with you, avoids other distractions, tunes in super fast, and sees you as their "everything."

Now that's the kind of relationship you should have with your puppy!

You'd rather not be embarrassed by your puppy's behavior but be proud when they behave in any situation you encounter.

Go from an over-excited puppy that likes to jump or pull to a calm, relaxed, and focused puppy that can handle real life situations with ease.

Watch REAL STUDENTS practice with their pups!

Watch REAL STUDENTS practice with their pups!

The content in this course is completely different from the free content we provide on our website and social media!

The content in this course is completely different from the
free content we provide on our website and social media!

Our free content shows you WHAT your puppy needs to learn.
This course shows you HOW to teach them in the most fun and effective way.

What's Included in 30 Days to Puppy Perfection:

This program is packed with positive reinforcement, relationship-based training that’s fun for you and your puppy. We believe that learning is much easier and more effective when it’s fun!

Inside this course we are going to deep dive into all the relationship building games you should be playing with your puppy. You won’t learn these inside any group class (they just skim the surface of teaching the basics).

On-Demand Video Lessons

Over 50 video lessons covering everything you need to know to teach your puppy how to become your perfect life-long companion… from basic cues like sit, down and stay to the most challenging behaviors like biting, barking and not coming when called.

Worksheets, Checklists & Charts

Over 20 downloadable worksheets, checklists, and charts you can print and use throughout your puppy’s training and beyond.

Available 24/7

Access the course and downloadable resources whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. Our course is mobile-optimized and accessible from any desktop computer.

Unlimited Access

Use the course and downloadable resources as often and for as long as you like. Although you’ll be able to learn the foundations for effective puppy training in 30 days, you may want to replay training videos as you continue working on important skills with your puppy as they mature. So you’ll be happy to know that you’ll continue to have access even after the 30 days!

Imagine Your Puppy Learning These Skills…

  • Potty outside
  • Enjoy the crate or kennel
  • Come when called (recall)
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Off
  • Walk calmly by your side
  • Drop it
  • Leave it
  • Go to bed
  • Greet visitors calmly
  • Meet other dogs nicely
  • Pay attention
  • And more!

And YOU’LL Learn…

Starting Off Right

How your puppy's brain works

How to become a puppy mind-reader by learning your puppy’s body language

Best way to reward your puppy and when to stop using treats

Best exercises for puppies

Most common training mistakes to avoid

teaching puppy listening skills during dog training

How to get your dog to actually listen to commands that you teach

How to teach your dog to pay attention

How to teach puppies to control themselves and  settle down

How to teach your dog to listen even when there are distractions all around!

puppy pulling on leash
Stop Frustrating and Unwanted Behaviors

What to do when your puppy does something you don’t like

How to stop biting, mouthing and chewing

How to stop jumping and excessive barking

How to stop your dog from dragging you down the street on the leash

How to get your dog to stop going to the bathroom inside the house, once and for all

The Benefits of Online Training


Easy access to lessons and training resources at a time that works for YOUR schedule without the hassle of driving to a training facility.

In-person group and private lessons require you to attend on your trainer’s schedule, but that may not be best for you and your pup… especially if the lessons occur when your puppy usually naps, is hungry, or just wakes up from a nap.

Controlled Environment

Online training allows you to control the training environment for your pup and ensure that the environment is safe and distraction free for optimal learning.

In-person lessons with new smells, new people, and other over-excited dogs can easily overwhelm your pup. This makes it extremely difficult for your puppy to learn new skills and may pose a safety risk if one of the other dogs becomes reactive.

Comfortable & Quiet

Online training allows you to train your puppy in a familiar and comfortable environment. This helps your puppy focus and learn.

When you introduce someone new to your puppy, even an expert trainer or a distracting group class, it changes the entire dynamic and can be very disruptive to your puppy’s learning.


Our online training offers all the benefits of private training for a fraction of the cost! And, you can review each lesson as many times as you want.

Private training costs up to $125 per hour. A lot of information is covered in that hour. What happens after the trainer leaves? Will you remember everything when you have to practice those skills? Probably not.

About The Trainer

After spending 20 years helping families with their dogs face to face as a professional dog trainer, Michele realized that so much of what she knows could be shared with families everywhere - in a way that actually works.

People sometimes think their dog is just SUPER difficult because the advice they’ve gotten was incomplete, confusing or just wrong. So she set out to help.

Michele loves training dogs because of the impact that it has on the families she gets to help. The peace and joy they get from being able to enjoy their dog LISTENING.

Besides teaching classes, helping private clients and running seminars, Michele is also a foodie and fantasizes about being a food critic or secret shopper for restaurants. Talk to her about food and your instant best friends.

Michele Lennon

Michele Lennon with her dream dogs

More Student Testimonials





Sara and Brandon

Lauren and Ace

Natalie V.

"Bonnie and I love being a part of the program!"

"I love this online learning. I can watch it as many times I need to at any hour of the day. Also have the opportunity to go back to the beginning to review things. This has been an awesome experience I would recommend this program to anyone who really wants to learn how to turn learning into a fun bonding experience instead of being frustrated and defeated."

Lauren P.

"No more accidents."

"It’s awesome. The training program has helped us immensely. No more accidents and my boy follows commands! I can look at the videos anytime and there are endless games and training tricks.”

Donna H.

"Michele is a wonderful Trainer."

"She is thoughtful and precise and she conveys all of that to pets and their owners alike. She explained the logic behind much of the training that will help me to be a better trainer. If a pet owner understands the workings of the "dog mind", the dog will perform better. What seemed so 'mysterious' or complicated, was simplified by Michele."

customer review from rachael
customer review from krystina
Cheyenne says, "Excellent program!"
get 30 days to puppy perfection

Get Our 30 Days to Puppy Perfection Program

which includes:

50+ videos and lessons

20+ worksheets, checklists and charts

Available 24/7 from any Internet capable device (mobile or desktop)

Use the course and resources as often and for as long as you want

Choose the level of support that's right for you!


Course Only - NO SUPPORT

DIY Course plus worksheets

Regularly $197


The DIY level does NOT include any support or accountability. It is strictly a do-it-yourself, self-guided course with downloadable resources.



Course + Support from Expert Trainers

Puppy Perfection Course plus Pro support, live weekly calls, workbook, private Facebook group

Regularly $497


Pro level support includes:

Unlimited access to all course updates and new content

70-page Workbook

PLUS 3 months access to:

3 LIVE group Zoom calls each week (8 pm EST Tuesdays, 11 am EST Wednesdays and  11 am EST Fridays) where student questions are answered by a professional trainer

Facebook group for support and accountability

Personalized responses from certified trainers with timely answers to your questions

Upload your practice videos to our private Facebook group and get feedback from our pros

Connect with other puppy parents going through similar struggles

7-Day Conditional Money Back Guarantee**

NOTE:  Refunds are only available with Pro level support! Please see details below.

conditional money-back guarantee


(Only Available for Pro Level Support)

7 Day Refund Policy - Our program is committed to your success and we expect the same commitment from you as you train your puppy. If you enroll in 30 Days to Puppy Perfection, do the assigned work and don’t get results, we will provide a refund.

**Students must show video proof that they are doing the work to train their puppy and seeking support which includes engagement inside the student group (posting questions and practice videos) for a refund to be considered. An off-boarding call is required when requesting a refund.

How Valuable is Extra Support?

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customer review from clare
customer review by lauren
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Diane loves the 30 Days to Puppy Perfection support group
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