Puppy Training Classes

Professional puppy training with online video classes you can watch 24/7, on demand, from the convenience of home or wherever you happen to be!

It's like having private puppy training classes with an expert trainer for a fraction of the cost.

Get the FREE New Puppy Starter Kit and start puppy training classes today

The New Puppy Starter Kit is a FREE course that shows you everything you need to know so you can feel confident about bringing a new puppy into your home.

On-demand puppy training classes - 30 Days to Puppy Perfection Course

Teach your puppy how to become the ultimate well-mannered companion. Our signature play-based lessons make training fun for you and your pup!

Crate Training Class

Make crate training fun and rewarding for you and your puppy while avoiding the most common crate training challenges. These techniques are easy and effective!

Learn how to use our Puppy Schedule Blueprint to create your personalized puppy schedule

The right Puppy Schedule is key to your happiness and a very good dog. Create the perfect puppy schedule that meets your puppy's needs and fits your lifestyle!

Nip puppy biting in the bud with this Puppy Biting Mini Course

This Mini Course teaches you how to stop puppy biting using the most effective, positive training techniques to quickly nip puppy biting in the bud.

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