Quick Tips to Potty Train Your Puppy Fast

Quick Tips to Potty Train Your Puppy FAST!

Does the idea of cleaning up another puppy piddle make you want to pull your hair out? Why can’t your pup understand that going to the bathroom outside makes you happy and going inside dives you insane? Nobody wants their house to smell like a urinal. So potty training is a vital first step when you raise a puppy. And the following tips will help you to potty train your puppy quickly!


There’s got to be a better way!


First, keep in mind your puppy wasn’t born knowing the rules of your home. They don’t understand this “potty outside thing” is something you want. They feel the urge, so they go, and sometimes it happens on your kitchen floor or on the living room rug.


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Let's quickly train your puppy to potty outside!



Here are 4 tips to help potty train your puppy a lot faster and teach your puppy the right place to do their business.

#1 Keep your puppy on a tight schedule

The more frequently you take your puppy out, the more they will understand that you want them to pee and poop outside. If we don’t give them the chance to go outside often, they will continue to use your house as their own personal toilet.  From here on out, take your pup out 10-15 minutes after eating, playing, naps, and every time they come out of their crate.

#2 Reward your puppy for the right behavior

If you want your puppy to learn quickly that going outside is better than in your home, then you will need to reward them when they go potty outside. As soon as they are done, give them a tasty treat and say, “good potty” (or something similar). They will make a positive association with going outside. Don’t wait until you bring them back inside, or they will think that they are being rewarded for doing something good inside.

Timing is everything, and so is placement or location when rewarding our puppy. Think about it like this… if you did a great job at something, you want to be told, right? You also want to hear about it sooner rather than later; otherwise, it may not mean as much. Your puppy needs to hear they did a great job and receive the reward immediately, so they understand what they did in that exact moment is something you want them to repeat again…and again!

#3 Keep your puppy on a leash

The leash is an important tool to use when working on housebreaking a puppy. Many puppy owners take their pups outside and don’t use a leash because they don’t think they need it. They think that since the puppy stays near them and doesn’t take off that they don’t have to use a leash. Use the leash to keep your puppy on track and focused on the task at hand. Puppies get easily sidetracked by sights, sounds, and smells outside. They lose focus, forget to go, and then come back in your house and go on the floor.

#4 Never use puppy pads

If you want to potty train your puppy in record time you're going to want to watch this video to see why you should never use puppy pee pads!

potty training without puppy pads

Stop Using Puppy Pads (For Faster Potty Training)


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