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Bringing A Puppy Home: Tips for Surviving the First 24 Hours With Your New Puppy

There is usually a lot of excitement as you anticipate bringing your new puppy home. And many dog owners are surprised to find out that the first 24 hours after adopting a new puppy can be quite overwhelming. Don't worry! A little information and preparation go a long way. These tips will help make the transition smoother for you and your new puppy - especially during the first 24 hours!

Puppy Won’t Listen? Learn How to Get Your Dog’s Attention and Keep It!

Most people think of dogs as "man's best friend" and expect their puppies to be well-mannered, good listeners, and loving companions like their best human friends. So it's surprising (and frustrating) when they feel that their puppy won't listen. Don't wait until you feel like your puppy is ignoring you, doesn’t pay attention to you, or is being "uncooperative" (won’t come when called), or "stubborn" (won’t follow basic commands). Learn our tips for positively motivating your puppy to listen to you and get the response you desire.

Puppy Training 101: What to Expect During Your Puppy’s First Year

Not sure what to expect during your puppy's first year? A puppy's first year is full of new experiences - and a lot of growing! It is also a period of adjustment for you and your pet. Puppy training can be a great way to bond with your new dog and teach them manners at the same time. Set you and your puppy up for success by starting with the right expectations. Then learn how to get the most joy out of your puppy's first year as you help your puppy become a well-mannered and well-adjusted lifelong companion.

How to Create the Ultimate Puppy Schedule: A Routine You and Your New Puppy Will LOVE!

A new puppy can be a lot of work, but following a puppy schedule makes it so much easier to develop a routine that works well for you and your new puppy. The ultimate puppy schedule helps make crate training and potty training your puppy faster and easier. A consistent routine also helps reduce unwanted behaviors (like biting) that happen when puppies get overtired, bored, or stressed. Learn all the ways a puppy schedule can improve your bond with your puppy, help your puppy master new skills, and work on training and manners. And create your own personalized schedule that works for you and your pup.

Puppy Socialization & Exposure: Tips to Make New Experiences Positive and Develop Your Puppy’s Confidence

Puppy socialization is more than just learning how to greet other pets politely. It is the key to developing a confident, well-adjusted, well-mannered dog. Your puppy will have lots of new experiences during the first year of life and beyond. And you want those experiences to be positive while teaching your puppy the desired behavior. So it’s important to begin exposure training or puppy socialization as early as possible. These early socialization tips will better prepare you for puppy playdates and more!

Dog Enrichment - The Path to A Happy and Fulfilled Puppy

Dog enrichment (a.k.a. canine enrichment) is more than just introducing puzzle toys to keep your dog busy. Brain games are an important part of your dog’s mental exercise and development. The right dog enrichment activities nurture your puppy’s natural instincts and teach them how to engage those instincts in positive activities rather than destructive behaviors. They also help your puppy unwind and relax, learn problem-solving skills, and so much more. In order to balance your dog’s physical needs, you need to provide the right balance of decompression walks, training, leash skills, challenging independent play, and so much more. Learn the best way to incorporate dog enrichment into your routine so you can have a happy and fulfilled pup.

Puppy Training Tips

Puppy Blues 101: Tips to Overcome Post-Puppy Depression

Do you have the puppy blues? Did you recently bring home a new puppy? Post-puppy depression or the puppy blues are real. Puppy blues are characterized by feelings of overwhelm, frustration, worry about your new puppy, and sadness or regret about your decision to get a pet. We understand! Getting a new puppy is exciting, but a crying puppy, potty accidents, and puppy biting are no fun. Although not many people talk about it, these feelings are more common than you might expect. It does get better with time, but it’s much easier when you have the right help. Learn the simple tips we recommend to stop puppy frustration and curb those new puppy blues.

How To Stop Puppy Biting Me: Tips for Training Puppy Not to Bite

Puppy biting is super frustrating and can also be painful. Mouthing, nipping, and biting are actually forms of social play in young dogs. But when mouthing and nipping get too rough and lead to biting or aggressive behavior directed toward you, your children, or other pets, you probably want to nip this behavior in the bud as quickly as possible. Good news! You CAN train a puppy to stop biting and nipping… if you first know what’s causing your puppy to bite. In this video, we help you understand what may be causing your puppy to bite and what you can do to stop it. If your puppy bites too much then this is the dog training video for you.

10 Effective Tips to Stop Puppy Biting: Training A Puppy Not to Bite

Mouthing, chewing, nipping, and biting is normal social behavior for puppies - but not a behavior you want to continue as your puppy grows. Those cute little puppy nips in play can quickly turn into painful bites. Whether you’re at the point where you’re looking for a solution to stop puppy biting fast or just want to be prepared ahead of time, this video will help! Learn our 10 most effective tips for training your puppy not to bite and see how easy it is to train a puppy to stop biting when you have the right guidance, techniques, and tools.

Dog Safety: Tips to Prepare Your Puppy for the 4th of July

July 4th is lots of fun for people, but your puppy would not agree. Fireworks, crowds, and 4th of July festivities can be overwhelming and dangerous for a puppy. For the best dog safety tips for the 4th of July, check out this awesome video. It will help you prepare your dog for the 4th of July and fireworks, so your dog isn’t scared or injured and doesn’t run away when fireworks are happening. Learn what to do so your dog isn’t afraid of fireworks or loud noises and how you can relax your dog and prevent anxiety.

Puppy Crate Training Tips: 10 Hacks to Help Your New Puppy Love the Crate

These crate training tips are a must when working on puppy crate training. Whether you keep your puppy’s crate inside a puppy playpen or have your dog crate outside the puppy pen, this video will help you teach your puppy to love the crate. Puppy’s first week in your home can be a little rough as he adjusts to his new surroundings and being without his dog mom and littermates for the first time. These tips help make that transition easier. The crate can become a favorite retreat where your puppy can relax, unwind, and rest when you use the right techniques to crate train your new dog.

Puppy Separation Anxiety: How to Recognize the Signs of Separation Anxiety in Puppies

Does your puppy cry a lot and get upset when you’re out of sight? Is your puppy having a rough time settling into your home? If so, your puppy may be experiencing separation anxiety. Learn how to recognize the signs of separation anxiety in puppies and know when your puppy is experiencing distress. This video shows you what to do if your puppy is crying, how to help your puppy settle into your home, and learn to enjoy time alone. You’ll also learn how to prevent barking, destructive chewing, and panicking in the crate. We teach you about some simple tools you can use to help calm your dog down and get your puppy to settle so your puppy will be happy and well-adjusted when left alone.

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Funny Dog Training Parody

What do you get when you take a dog trainer, a teenager, and one very willing partner, and trap them in a house for several weeks? You get a silly, ridiculous, and funny family video for your entertainment. If you have a dog or a pet of any kind, maybe you can relate? Michele Lennon, owner of How to Train a Dream dog, shares 2 of her most unique client stories with you in this laughable comedy.